A great opportunity for creatives, makers and serial experimenters to get involved and bring to life new projects thanks to cutting-edge technologies and the support of our expert tutors who will be the undisputed accomplices of your creations. The laboratory will be a space of freedom where it will be possible to try out a new model of craftsmanship and combine more traditional processes with those typical of advanced manufacturing. A creative  space where you can weld, sew, print, sculpt, cut and shape your dreams but also make mistakes, fail, learn and try again.



We have an ambitious goal: transforming your dreams into prototypes, your ideas into products. 3D printers, laser cutters UV printers, cutting plotters and the most common tools of traditional craftsmanship will allow you to create any imaginable design. The presence of electronic prototyping kits, a small soldering station and augmented reality visors complete the technological equipment of The Spark Makers Lab.

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A new way of conceiving knowledge. Professionals, students, creatives, companies, technology and design enthusiasts are finally able to learn, deepen and test the potential offered by technology and digital manufacturing tools rewriting a new design and production language. The professional training courses will embrace a wide variety of topics such as robotics, modelling, 3D printing, two-dimensional drawing, BIM, graphics and much more.


The Spark Makers Lab team is an active part of the creative community, of the research and experimentation projects that will take place in the hub. From the design of temporary architectural structures to the creation of fashiontech garments, from prototyping in the publishing field to the development of innovative designs. The Spark Makers Lab will allow you to boost your creativity by exploring all the possibilities of different fields and disciplines.


We support our customers through the whole creative and development process. From the choice of the most suitable technology and materials to the creation of the 3D prototypes, we can  envision innovative paths for every need. The consultancy embraces both the design and the technological sphere, from the selection of the most performing technologies for the project to assistance for the use of numerical control machines and the renewal of the entire production processes.



The laser cutting machine is one of the most versatile tool available in the Spark Makers Lab. It is suitable for high precision cuts and engravings. Thanks to the size of the cutting table it is the ideal tool for the development of a wide spectrum of projects. The range of materials that can be used is  incredibly heterogeneous: fabric, wood, acrylic, leather, cardboard, cork, paper, rubber, plexiglass and many others.


The filament deposition 3D printer is the most commonly used tool for digital manufacturing. Easy, fast and very accurate, it is capable of making “(almost) everything” with thermoplastic and ceramic materials up to a size of 40⌀ x 70cm. Our 4 WASP 2040 and WASP 4070 respond perfectly to the needs of an increasingly demanding market in terms of timing, costs and print quality.


The Roland UV printer is capable of printing a wide range of colours in high definition. It supports the most varied materials: wood, glass, plastic materials, plexiglass, leathers, fabrics, paper, cards, etc. and thanks to the different finishes (matt, glossy, transparent or opaque) it is possible to obtain any type of effect.


The Roland Lef-200 UV printer is capable of printing an incredibly wide range of colours in high definition. It supports the most varied materials: wood, glass, plastic materials, plexiglass, leathers, fabrics, paper, cards and many others. Thanks to the different finishes (matte, glossy, transparent or opaque) it is possible to obtain any type of desired effect.


The 3D Sense scanner is the tool used to digitise existing artefacts, people and settings. Thanks to this inverse operation that allows you to switch from a physical model to a digital one and its combination with prototyping tools, you can replicate, modify or model any object in real time, quickly and with extraordinary results.


Explore incredible new worlds! Oculus Rift is one of the best wearable devices for virtual reality, light and easily to configure. Thanks to its 20 infrared sensors, it is able to detect movements in 3 directions, combined with extreme ease of use and enviable graphic performances, this viewer continues to act as a driving force in the world of virtual reality.


The Roland SP-300 cutting plotter is able to print continuously over a width of 80 cm and cut out the graphics created with its interchangeable blades. Thanks to its extreme versatility, precision and low cost of use, it allows to replicate the most diverse graphic products on adhesive, magnetic, paper and heat transfer substrates with the highest print quality.


The Arduino and Raspberry Pie kits include a selection of electronic components, circuits and sensors as well as the supports necessary for electronic prototyping aimed at interactive design and wearable technologies. They are the indispensable tools for those who want to approach experimentation in the field of coding, electronic prototyping, programming.



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